Each DDR in this peer-to-peer playback system can output to double-wide, 4K displays or HD displays in a variety of configurations. And any deck in the system can control the entire system for multi-screen synchronous playback.

Transfer your files, in their native format, over the network. Then from the panel of a DDR or your Mac, define that file as a clip, noting its start and end points, any color-correction, cropping, audio level adjustments and many other non-destructive playback properties. The same file can be used for many clips so that variations can be auditioned to get the settings just right.

Once you have your clips, make a list of cues. Each cue tells the decks what clip to play next and a “Go” from any deck will cause all decks to transition to their new look.

Designing and building your multi-screen presentation can be hard. We want to make the on-site playback easy.


Multi-screen video playback

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